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Some lessons cannot be taught on the sidelines...some lessons can only be taught in the game!
-Charelle Lans, Leading With Feet

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"Charelle created a space for serious conversations as well as group activities that sparked laughter – which culminated for an unforgettable time! But most of all she laid out a customized outline that will prime us for a successful year of focus, teamwork, clear goals, and momentum"

Kimberly “BROWNIE” Vaughn

Practicing the steps laid out by Charelle Lans played a key component in my performance during the interview process, which resulted in securing my first leadership position as a Manager. 

Darrien Brown
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Professional Career:

Charelle Lans is a Segment Industrial Engineer for a multi-billion- dollar consumer products company where she has served as the Supply Lead for the largest Cat Care & Treats business in North America. Charelle is also the co-lead for Women of Mars, an internal organization focused on empowering and developing women for advanced leadership opportunities within the organization.


Ms. Lans is the author of Leading with Feet, “Making Intentional Steps to Live Out You Best”, and The Unknown Filmmaker, the autobiography of George W. Tillman, Jr. which is currently under development. Journal of Retail Analytics

Notable Awards and Recognition:

Charelle Lans has been recognized for her book, Leading with Feet, “Making Intentional Steps to Live out your Best”, for her contributions and philanthropic efforts, and commitment/ drive to engineering.

  • FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Service Award, 2017
  • FAMU – FSU College of Engineering – IME Advisory Council Award, 2017
  • Special Congressional Recognition Award,  2017
  • Shelby County Board of Commissioner’s Author of the Month 2017
  • Phenomenal Women’s Health – Community Service Award, 2014
  • Phenomenal Women’s Health – J&J support for organization, 2010
  • INROAD’s  Student Organization, Inroader of the Year, 2007
  • INROAD’s Student Organization Senior Legacy Award, 2007
  • Nation Society of Black Engineers- Impact Award, 2007
  • National Society of Black Engineers Distinguished Leadership Award, 2006

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